Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ica Machine Still Down

When I was little, it wasn't easy to cool down in the summer because we were so poor. But with a little ingenuity, my mom would make her own popsickle treats by freezing a mixture of cough syrup and my grandfather's drool. They weren't very tasty, but they did give me a permanent fear of both getting sick and getting old.

We're having a little icy trouble of our own in department. The ice machine in the Building basement is still down for the count, and it will probably be another 5-7 working days until the thing is up and running. Until our ice machine is fixed, you can still get ice, though. Department X has graciously offered to let us use their ice machine. It's located on the second floor of Building X. If you get off the elevator on the second floor, immediately turn to your left and you'll see the ice machine in a little nook.

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