Saturday, September 29, 2007

Away I go

What's up, dudes--

Well, October is almost here, which can mean only one thing: it's time for me to harvest the souls of the living in order to feed my dark master. But folks here are in such good shape that I could never catch them, what with me having to lug that huge scythe and all. So I'm going to Florida, where even a walker won't help folks escape the blade honed by the fire and brimstone of the Cloven Hooved One's realm. I'll probably also visit my mom while I'm down there. In Florida, not the Cloven Hooved One's realm.

Which is my subtle way of saying I will be on vacation from Saturday, Oct. 6, until Sunday, Oct. 14. If you have any pressing problems that need to be addressed, please see me as soon as you can next week so I can crank out your task as if I were following the orders of my lord the Sulphurous One.

The Dude