Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No coffee break May 4

Bad news, caffeine-loving dudes. There will be no coffee break on May 4 because there will be a faculty meeting that afternoon. If this freaks you out too much, I can let all interested parties snort lines of Folger's instant coffee crystals off my desk.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I am so out of here!

Some people relax by going on fishing trips.  Others unwind by taking exotic vacations to Jamaica or Hawaii.  Me, I'm gonna go to Ohio to try to find the birthplace of the Cleveland Steamers.  The origins of this minor league team are murky, but I view this as my quest for the holy grail.  It will be a dirty job, no doubt, and this task has taken the spirits of many strong people and wrecked 'em.  But I don't think this will be a waste of time and I will succeed.

But if I decide that Cleveland in the springtime may be too much fun to bear, then I'll probably go to Florida to visit my mom.  I'll be leaving this Friday, April 21, and I will return to work May 1.  M will be filling in for me while I am gone, so any mailing, Fedexing, UPS or other pertinent information can be brought to her attention.