Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am the law here! Do not question my authority!

Ha! In the past you all used to tease me and yell cruel comments like, "Why don't you taunt ANOTHER goat," and "When you bend down to tie your shoes I can see the gerbil's tail!" And do you know why those comments are cruel? Because the truth hurts.

But now the goat is on the other foot, and I have the power to approve or reject all of your purchase order requests on grants. And you shall pay. Oh, yes. You shall pay!

But first you need to put me down as your primary approver on XXX (unfortunately you'll have to switch back and forth if you're buying stuff on grants and other accounts since Julie is approving all non-5 account orders). Wanna know how to do it? It's easy. Just go to your XXX home page and click on "Profile" in the upper right hand corner.

Next, click on "P.," which is to the right of "U.." Then click on "F.," which is to the right of "C." If I'm not listed as an approver, click "A." Type in "W." in the last name box and click search. Click the circle under "Select" to the left of my name and then click "Choose selected user." Finally, to the right of my name, click on the "P" circle, and magically I will be your main approver. It's that easy. If you have any questions, let me know. But give me a minute to tuck in the gerbil tail before I respond.

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